Inflatable Bouncers

Our fun inflatable jump houses are a great way for kids to make new friends, exercise, and have tons of fun. Whether you call them bounce houses, moonwalks, or blow-up castles, these inflatables are an easy and safe way for kids to get the exercise they need.


Kids love to bounce. That's why inflatables have been a staple at parties since the 1900s. They are safe and they can be used by children of all ages, as long as they are set up on a flat surface.

Your kids will love these inflatable bounce houses! We offer a wide range of fun activities from water slides and bounces to obstacle courses and here are the fun things you can do at these inflatables.

Playful colors and designs
Because kids are fun and exciting, bounce houses are exciting too. They are decorated with bright colors to match that excitement!

Our amazing selection of bounce houses will make your kids very happy. Our huge range includes surface rockets, slide castles, and sports themes. Your kids will want them all!

Choosing an inflatable will bring hours of fun to your child. It's also a great workout, whether they're bouncing around or playing basketball! You can choose from a range of shapes and colors, including trampoline, rocket ship, and more.

Outdoor Play
If you want your kids to get off the couch and play, try starting a garden. Even if they prefer playing video games indoors, they're sure to be tempted by the smell of freshly grown veggies coming from outdoors.

Parents know that exercise is important to children, and they will enjoy a bounce house or slide for hours. It's a change of scenery that helps them stay outside longer!

As parents, we know the importance of keeping our kids active, even when they want to stay cooped up indoors. Luckily, it's easy to get children excited about healthy competition and snacks with a bounce house.

Fun for Everyone
Bounce houses are great for a group of kids. The birthday boy or girl will never have to worry about party guests who fail to show, and younger kids will be super excited to play with their friends. Even without a party, bounce houses can be your kids' boredom cure. When a child has nobody else to play with, a bounce house will keep them entertained.

For kids, bounce houses are the perfect place to bond with friends. Chatting with each other and enjoying the close-knit environment, kids make new friends and strengthen old friendships in a fun and playful environment. Parents, on the other hand, get the added benefit of seeing their children develop stronger social skills and grow closer to their friends.

Safety Activities for Kids
Tackle sports and rough-and-tumble games are exciting for kids, but they can be dangerous! With a bounce house, on the other hand, there's no risk of injury. What's more fun than throwing your friends off a slide into a big inflatable pit?

For very young children who are just starting to become active and are learning how to run and play, a bounce house can be a safe space that allows them to do these things comfortably.

If you're older, a bounce house is the perfect place to practice all kinds of tricks. This can be as easy as getting high into the air like a trampoline or flipping backwards, but with a foam pit you can ensure no one gets injured! At the end of each session, all new gymnasts have learned so much about themselves and their capabilities.

Play fun Games
Traditional bounce houses work great! But you can also add slides, climbing walls, obstacle courses, dunk tanks, and more to create amazing combinations your kids will love.

Kids can do whatever they want! They can jump around aimlessly, race each other, start games of tag and have a blast.

We've selected unique inflatable water games that help kids keep cool when the weather gets hot. Each one features extra features like basketball hoops or slides, so they don't need to waste their energy on walking around.


If you’re looking for an inflatable Bounce House for your kids, there are a few things to know before you buy. We’ll help you select the perfect outdoor toy for your child, but more importantly, we’ll help you make sure it’s safe and well-made from bounce houses to obstacle courses, our inventory is sure to please.

Get yours today or reach out to Leti Toys Shop, with questions!